Composite Fencing

Composite Fencing Cork supply composite fencing a range of colours and styles, so whatever fencing you need for your garden, we have the right fencing for you.

Composite Fencing

Composite wood fencing is highly durable and is a much more secure option over using traditional timber fencing. It is low maintenance and hassle-free, avoiding the need for painting. Our composite fencing will last a long time and will keep your garden looking beautiful.

Composite fencing is perfect for a range of gardens. They look modern, sleep and fit into any garden. It is warp free, rot free and even splinter-free, meaning your new composite fence is here to last. The popularity of composite fencing is growing and the trend is likely to continue due to the premium finish it gives a garden.

We sell composite fencing to customers all over Cork such as Cobh, Midleton, Carrigaline, Ballincollig, Mallow, Youghal, Cork City and other areas in Cork County.


Our composite fencing is available in a range of colours and styles so rest assured we have the perfect option for your garden.

Delivery Time

Our delivery times are usually between 4-6 weeks depending on the job.

Advantages of Composite Fencing

There are many benefits to using composite fencing in your garden. We highly recommend installing composite fencing in your garden if you’re looking for a new garden fence. The advantages include:

  • Longer lasting: Composite fneces are made with reinforced plastic materials and will last a lot longer than wooden fencing panels. They are also reistant to harsh weather and are a brilliant choice for the unpredicatable Irish weather!
  • Rot and mould resistance: The plastic omponent in tge fence makes it resitant to damage form rot and mould which leads to a longer lifespan for the composite fence.
  • Easy installation: They are quite easy to install and are very lightweigth leadign to quick and efficent installation.
  • Low Maintenance: Composte fences require very little maintenance due to the material it is build with. You won’t find any cracking or splintering with these fences.
Composite Fencing

Composite Fencing FAQ

What is composite fencing?

Traditional timber fencing is made up of hard or softwoods. Composite fencing is different in that it’s made from a mixture of real wood and plastic material which is usually recyclable material. Composite material looks like a wooden fence but the plastic gives the material a robust strength.

What are the advantages of composite fencing?

There are many benefits to using composite fencing over traditional timber fencing. For one they require little maintenance. Composite material is much different from wood and other materials. They are protected from pests and insects causing damage due to the protective exterior layer and the plastic inside.

They look very appealing. Composite fences are very attractive and provide the appearance of wood but without all the upkeep that goes with it. Composite materials come in a range of styles and sizes. You can choose the perfect style for your garden.

Composite fencing is long-lasting and relatively cheap. We can help you choose the right composite fence for your budget and your garden.

Are composite fences eco-friendly?

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of composite fencing then there’s no need to worry. The wood composite for composite fences is typically made from recyclable materials. It also lasts a lot longer than traditional fencing. That means fewer trees are cut down as a result of its longevity.

How are composite fences made?

Composite fences are ultimately made by blending two or more materials together to create an even stronger material.

Typically composite material is made from recycled plastic and sawdust. They are then held together using resin pressed together. Composite fences can be completely made of recycled material in some cases, making it a great eco purchase.

Can you cut composite fencing?

Yes, composite fencing can be cut without any problems. You can use either a handsaw or a circular saw blade.

How do you clean composite fencing?

We recommend cleaning your composite fence with a combination of soap, hot water and a soft-bristle brush. You should clean them after installation and then twice a year.

Can I paint composite fencing?

Composite fencing panels can b painted if you wish. Although this material does not require painting. You can use high-quality latex paint to change the colour of your composite fence.

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