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Decking Installation Cork

Welcome to, we specialise in installing new garden decking that brings your outdoor spaces to life. We use the highest most durable quality composite and wood decking to transform your outdoor space into an area that you can enjoy all year round for many years to come. We can’t wait to help you with your decking installation in Cork.

Decking Installation Cork

Ever think it’s time to change your garden? Maybe you’re sick of looking at the same weather old concrete slabs out your back. Do you feel like you want a change but you’re not sure what to do? Composite Decking is the perfect addition to any garden. With our decking installation service, we can source the composite decking and install it for you all on the same day. We know it can seem daunting doing the decking yourself. That’s why we have professionals on hand to install the decking for you.

Decking Installation

Composite Decking

We provide stunning and durable composite decking to our customers. Composite Decking requires a lot less maintenance than traditional decking.

Installation Time

Our decking installation time all depends on how complex and large the install area is.

Example of Work

This is an example of our work. You can see in the before photo we dug up the grass as the customer asked us to. They wanted to have decking right by their back door to move tables and chairs onto. They wanted to still keep some of the grass in the garden which is always a popular option and one we’re very experienced with. As you can see in the after photo we installed a beautiful composite decking in their garden. We worked around the existing tree and this feature looked stunning. The customer was so happy to be able to enjoy their garden all year round.


Before Decking Installation


After Decking Installation

Decking Installation FAQ

What areas do you offer your decking installation service?

We provide our decking installation service to all areas in Cork, such as Cobh, Midleton, Carrigaline, Ballincollig, Mallow, Youghal, Cork City and other areas in Cork County.

What is the best decking material to install?

We always recommend installing composite decking for our customers. Composite decking is long-lasting, durable and requires little maintenance. It is made mainly from recycled material, which makes it an excellent eco-purchase for your garden.

How do I know how much decking will be needed?

We can help you with all aspects of the decking, from measurements, advising on a material/ style and installing your beautiful new decking solution.

What are the benefits of decking?

Decking is an excellent addition to any garden. It offers a place for you to entertain guests. You can place tables and chairs on top of it and it’s perfect all year round whereas you wouldn’t be doing this in a garden with only grass.

It also looks stunning. The wood gives a naturally attractive appearance to your garden, bringing a high aesthetic value.

Is it challenging to maintain decking?

Depending on the type of decking you go for it can vary. Composite decking requires little maintenance or treatment. To clean it use soapy water and a brush with some water. Of course, if it ever gets mucky or full of leaves, then you can simply sweep them or give it a quick clean.

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